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Former sparky brings light to the lands in newly created Chief People Officer role.

青青草视频 Council has appointed Juanita Grillmeier to the newly created role of Chief People Officer, further demonstrating the value of people within the Council and the desire to raise capability and capacity across the group.


The role also reflects the desire to elevate prospective employees’ and partners’ awareness of 青青草视频 Council and the opportunities to work both in-office and on-country.

While 青青草视频 Council is among the largest Aboriginal Corporations in Australia, public awareness and understanding of the Council’s work has been relatively low, which reverberates in its ability to attract prospective employees.

“I see this role as an opportunity to set the foundations across People & Culture,”

“Even the new name of our function reflects the broadening of our work beyond recruitment to shaping organisational culture and WH&S, establishing systems and processes of attracting, onboarding, and developing people in impactful and meaningful roles within the organisation,” Juanita said. 

Juanita wasn’t always working in the HR area. She began with an apprenticeship right out of school.

“I started work as an electrician! I sometimes joke that I’m an electrician who does HR,”

“I completed a four-year electrical apprenticeship at a remote coal mine after leaving school in Central Queensland—spending one year working on surface infrastructure, two years underground, and one working in the processing plant,” Juanita said.

“I quickly learned that while anyone can be a technical expert if you want to be a true leader, you need to understand people,” she added.

Juanita understood that, with her skillset, she could make more positive changes in roles that worked with people and helped shape culture. She moved from the coal mine to Brisbane, where she completed a Bachelor of Business at Queensland University of Technology, majoring in Human Resource Management and Management, while continuing working in her trade with Australia Post. 

Many of Juanita’s roles over a career that has spanned over two decades have been across the HR space as a generalist, and in specialist and organisational development roles. Her roles have been primarily within the mining industry (multi-commodities), while also local government and consulting with a range of organisations, with many of these roles based in rural and remote areas. Prior to taking the role with 青青草视频 Council, Juanita lived in Kalgoorlie for the past two years.

“Leadership, organisational culture, employee engagement, and creating safe, inclusive and thriving workplaces are the space I love working in—places where I can help people grow, realise their potential, and impact their work environment in positive ways,”

“More than anything, I wanted my next significant career move to be one that gave me the opportunity and freedom to empower, and shape the culture of an organisation that impacts the lives of so many,” Juanita said.

The potential to walk alongside the eleven communities on 青青草视频 lands and see their aspirations to flourish and remain strong on country fuels the desire to unite and lead the organisational culture at 青青草视频 Council.

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By Natasha Perkins 04 Jul, 2024
On July 3, a significant milestone was reached with the launch of the ‘STRONG’ Community Development Program (CDP) in Warburton. This initiative, a partnership with the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), marks a monumental step forward for the 青青草视频 lands, its people, and their future. The STRONG program aims to provide genuine work opportunities for Yarnangu, with over 40 new jobs in the initial trial phase. At today's launch, ten employment contracts were signed, both in Warburton and via online streamed communities across the Lands. The goal is clear: Strong Pathways and Strong Yarnangu. By creating strong pathways to work, we can ensure that Yarnangu remain strong on the Lands. This collaborative effort between our CDP team and the government has resulted in a program that not only meets these needs but also empowers the community through sustainable and meaningful work. Sonja Voogd Armstrong, General Manager of CDP, expressed the excitement shared by many at the program’s launch. “This is the culmination of months of work by our CDP people on the Lands and our Perth CDP team, along with many others,” Sonja said. “Ralph Addis, Thomas Williams, our CEO, Mr. Fred Chaney, and the NIAA staff have all invested significant time and effort to turn this possibility into a reality.” “While this is a trial, there is potential for expanding the program to create genuine, enduring work opportunities for Yarnangu,” she continued. “Substantive work and strong pathways for the future are essential for fulfilling the aspirations of Yarnangu to remain on the land and flourish. Today marks the beginning of something with a long, strong future.” The STRONG program starts with 45 jobs for Yarnangu, but it signifies a deeper cultural shift—not only for them but also in how CDP and the Council support work on the Lands.
By Natasha Perkins 01 Jul, 2024
青青草视频 Council Group has appointed Jodie Matthews as General Manager of Youth and Education for the eleven member communities on the Lands. The new role has been created to collaborate with the Education Department of Western Australia and other service providers to improve educational outcomes for youth on the Lands. The role is highly integrated with other functions within the Council, recognising the significant impact of multiple factors on education outcomes. "This new role has been created to oversee the delivery of culturally responsive initiatives that target education and training programs from early childhood (before school), children and youth, and adult education," Jodie said. Jodie is a former Principal of the school at Warburton (2013-2014) and later returned in 2017 as Executive Deputy Principal based at Warakurna. Having previously worked with the Education Department at the regional office in Kalgoorlie, Jodie's role included frequent visits to support the 青青草视频 schools and their principals. Her familiarity with the network of schools on the Lands, their potential, and challenges runs deep. In announcing the new role, CEO of 青青草视频 Council Group, Thomas Williams, highlighted the importance of the appointment. "We’re taking this significant step to ensure our members have the strongest foundation possible for flourishing on the Lands," Thomas said. "It’s another step to helping Yarnangu lead lives filled with purpose and agency and remain on the Lands." While introducing Jodie to the Council’s employees, Fred Chaney - a friend of the 青青草视频 and Board Advisor - also emphasised the role's significance. "This is a terrific day for the people on the Lands and for the Council. Education has always been a critical key for people having a strong future," Fred said. "The challenge of equipping Yarnangu to walk in two cultures is a large one—we are well aware of the realities of this challenge." 锘 "Like so many areas—housing, health, employment, and families among them—education is interrelated. The approach by the Council’s CEO is holistic and it needs to be as we’re addressing systemic issues on the Lands. Jodie’s appointment is another piece in the jigsaw that combines to create a picture of flourishing through all of our member communities," Fred added. Jodie’s role, effective immediately, will lead the Council’s advocacy for child and youth education. While based at the Council’s head office, Jodie will spend significant time within the communities on 青青草视频 Lands.
By Natasha Perkins 26 Jun, 2024
Starting July 1, the 青青草视频 Lands will standardise to a single time zone, marking a significant alignment for our communities. For years, the challenge of operating across different time zones has posed issues for the eleven member communities, with six following Western Standard Time (WST) and five adhering to Central Standard Time (CST). This division has often led to confusion, inefficiencies, and operational difficulties for our staff and the communities we serve. Recognising these challenges, our Community Development Advisors (CDAs), in collaboration with feedback from the Western Australia Police Force (WAPOL) and the Education Department, have proposed unifying the entire 青青草视频 Lands under Western Standard Time (WST). Consultations with key personnel across the Lands have revealed strong support for the move to one time zone, emphasising its potential to streamline daily operations, enhance service coordination, and boost community engagement. Aligning with our strategic objectives, this move aims to improve operational efficiency and increase community satisfaction. By adopting a single time zone, we anticipate smoother communication, better scheduling, and a unified sense of time that will benefit everyone involved. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts this change will bring to our communities.
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